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Software Projects

Here is a collection of some of the small projects that I've worked on over the past few years.


HOWTO style descriptions for using Qt 3.x qmake and Solaris growfs

Undocumented Qmake

Some documentation to cover the gaps in Trolltech's own documentation for qmake.

Solaris growfs

A description of how to use growfs on Solaris to enlarge a UFS partition.

Development Projects

Stuff that I've written myself.

Solaris Partition Editor

This is a project to write a partition table editor for x86 Solaris. After a long lull after I got the GUI and the partition table read functions to work, I've now gotten the partition table write functions to work.

nm Front End

This is a Qt based GUI front end for nm. Written on Solaris, it should work on any platform with GNU nm available.

GRUB Front End

This is only ever got to the idea stage. It would have been a Qt app write (and probably read) the GRUB menu.1st file.

Assuming that I get round to writing the requirements/spec, I might even have a go at trying to make an OpenSolaris project out of it.

Before I could get around to actually doing anything, someone wrote such an app (grubed in pyGtk). So now I'm even less motivated.

Ported Software

ext2fs for Solaris 10

Updated 2005-10-10. ext2fs for Solaris 10. This needed even bigger changes than I had to make when going from 8 to 9. Usual disclaimers: use at your own risk, no warranty. Click to download. This contains the source and binaries compiled with Sun cc 5.8 on x86 and also SPARC binaries (can't remember which compiler I used).

ext2fs for Solaris 9

I've compiled ext2fs for Solaris 9. The source that worked for Solaris 8 will not compile on Solaris 9 due to a few changes in the system headers. More or less by guesswork I got it to compile. This version should work with ext2fs logical partitions. Or not - I haven't incorporated the fixes that I made for the Solaris 10 version into this version (I don't have Solaris 9 on my PC any more, and no-one is paying me to do this!). If you want to fix it, then I suggest that you download both of my versions of ext2fs, copy "ext2fs_part.c" from the Solaris 10 version to the Solaris 9 version, and recompile/reinstall. Usual disclaimers: use at your own risk, no warranty. Click to download. This contains the source and binaries compiled with Sun cc 5.5.

ext2fs for Solaris 7 and 8 (links)

Here are links to the original versions of the ext2fs driver.

On sunfreeware (probably doesn't support extended partitions). With some extended partition modifications (this served as the base for the versions that I built for Solaris 9 and 10).

OS/2 Software

I don't use OS/2 much these days, and will probably more or less stop entirely when I upgrade to a 64bit computer. For a while I did some work on scanner and cdrom software for OS/2.

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