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I've written some comments on configuring SANE. All of these binaries are under the GPL. I should include a copy of the licence in the zip files.

Table of software packages.
Name Description There are several updated versions of os2cdrom, notably those from IBM, jjscdrom (available on hobbes) and this one. The main feature of mine is that it has explicit support for the Yamaha CRW6416S (and probably also the CRW4416S and CRW8424S). This version also supports the Toshiba SD M-1201 (supported in the latest IBM version as well). Unlike the IBM os2cdrom.dmd, this version works on pre-fix pack 13 systems. Initial version. I first compiled this before I had a scanner to test it on, so not very surprisingly, it doesn't seem to work that well. Reported to work with Mustek parallel port scanners. Some reports that there are problems in passing X-Y coordinates to the application. It does not work with the SnapScan 1236s. This really should have been called an alpha. It probably doesn't work with most scanners, and the best thing that can be said about it is that it compiles. The first version I compiled I uploaded to hobbes, probably precipitately. This version has been compiled with PGCC. I don't think people should get their hopes up too much, as I'm using a beta version of aspirout, an old or ropey version of GCC (EMX is old, PGCC seems ropey). And SANE itself is beta. All in all, a bit of a house of cards built on quicksand. The next version will be compiled with -O0 and I'll start doing some more exhaustive tests. I've been getting traps with beta 2, and one person has also had traps. In this version, the binaries are no longer stripped and they are compiled with -O0, so they now work with gdb. I've also incorporated the latest Mustek source. Picked up a few patches here and there (largely either posted to or announced on the sane-devel e-mail list. Backends affected: Canon, Mikrotek. Also one patch from the sane-os2 list. Latest SnapScan sources do not compile under OS/2. PLEASE fill in the feedback.txt file if you download and install this or any other version of SANE/2. Due to the almost unanimous failure of B4 to work on anyone else's machine (anyone that bothered to reply on sane-os2), I wiped the slate and started again. This build has had the patches applied far more carefully. I've missed out entirely the security add in. The -d option now does nothing. "Back to basics". This version is quite close to B3. The -d option is still disabled. Please read my page on configuring/compiling SANE rather than sending me an e-mail asking me why the -d option no longer works. A straight compile of SANE 1.0.4. Build of SANE 1.0.5. Fixes problem of snapscan code trying to read too much calibration data for the available buffer size. Seems to generate "broken" PNM and TIFF files.

If you happen to have comprehension difficulties, then the word "seems" means appears, apparently. Build of SANE 1.0.6. Snapscan code compiled cleanly when all the USB functions were replaced by empty stub functions. Scan worked 1st time as well. Build of SANE 1.0.7. Building is getting easier and easier. This is an optimized build, using a DLL. No encrypted files this time. SANE 1.0.8. This is an optimized build, using a DLL, and also a static build. After a pause of a couple of years, here's SANE 1.0.13. Optimized build, dynamic only.

Here is a brief summary of the scanners that the above builds have been reported to work with. I reckon from my web page stats that over 95% of the downloaders have not sent any feedback. This means either that there are a lot of robots downloading scanner software, or there are people that download things for the sake of it, or most people are too lazy to help improve SANE for OS/2.

Sane versionScannerWorks
1.0.3 b5HP C5110A 3701no
not givenMustek SE6000SPno
1.0.4 b1Microtek x6elno
1.0.4 b1Mustek 600Syes
1.0.4 b1UMAX Astra 2200no
1.0.3 b1 & 1.0.3 b6UMAX Astra 1200sno
1.0.4 b1Microtek E3didn't have dlls!
1.0.3 b6HP Scanjet 5pno
1.0.3 b1Epson ES-1000Cyes
1.0.3 b2Epson ES-1000Cno
1.0.4 b1Epson GT-9500yes
1.0.3 b3Mustek ScanExpress 12000SPno
1.0.3 b4Mustek SE 12000SPno
1.0.3 b5/6Mustek ScanExpress 6000pno
1.0.3 b3/4Mustek ScanExpress 6000pyes
1.0.3 b3/6Mustek ????pyes
not givenEpson GT-7000no
1.0.3 b5/6Mustek ????no
1.0.3 b6Microtek ???no
1.0.3 b6Microtek scanmaker 630no
1.0.4 b1ScanMagic 9636S Plus (= Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP )no
1.0.4 b1Umax Astra 2100Sno
1.0.4 b1Mustek 4800 P ( = Mustek MFS-600IIIP )yes
all versionsPlustek 4831Pno
1.0.4 b1Epson GT6500no
1.0.7-8Epson GT-9500yes
1.0.8Epson GT-7000yes
1.0.8Microtek Scanmaker 630yes
1.0.8Epson FilmScan 200yes (problem with brightness)
all versionsAgfa Snapscan 1236Syes

In addition, some components that are required for the above builds. I'm NOT including the EMX runtimes.

SANE OS/2 libraries

Name Description DLLs required by PGCC 2.95.3

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