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Let's start with a picture.

Paul in short sleeved shirt

Something special must have happened, as I'm wearing one of those things with buttons on that requires ironing. The picture was taken probably early to mid 1999.

A few details about me. Well, three paragraphs.

Paul Floyd

Age 53. Born in Tondu, South Wales. Moved to Manchester to become a student. I liked Manchester so much that I stayed there to do my PhD as well.

My PhD subject was "Investigation into Pit Formation Mechanisms in Dye-Polymer Optical Data Storage Systems". Basically, it is the same technology as in CD-R (write once CDs).

That was all a long time ago. Since then I've emigrated to France, married and had 2 children. Career wise, in reverse chronological order we have:

More personal information here.

Opinionated essays

I've written some of my thoughts about computers mostly a long time ago.

My CVs

Et aussi en français.

Inquieting Questions

Click to see how my original HMHB pages have evolved. These pages started out as a means to get explanations for all of the curious references in the lyrics of the Biscuits songs, and have now evolved into a full-blown fan site.

Odds & Ends

I'm quite a big fan of Private Eye, both their humour and investigative journalism (even if they do cock it up every once in a while and end up being sued for absurd sums of money).

Private Eye

Private Eye

Production Details

I tried using a few graphical HTML editors, but was never satisfied with any of them. Perhaps the newer ones are better. My CVs started out in Netscape and MS Word, but the HTML they write is not pretty. Otherwise, they are all hand written with a text editor. If you think that the default text on default background is boring, then you can always configure your browser to change them. Since I consider excessive images, animations and background wallpaper to be a waste of time, I don't use any of them. They just clog up network bandwidth for no real increase in information conveyed. If I'm not careful I'll start singing the praises of Gopher over HTTP.

In the good old days I had my own web server, now I have to slum it on free webspace.

The counter shows the miserably low number of people to have accessed this page.

Counter showing small number.


If you have any suggestions, corrections or just are bored, e-mail me at

Alternatively, for another of my addresses that receives less spam, you can find my "free" address either with a bit of googling, or else take this address (the bit after http:// and before the next /), and replace the first dot with an at.


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